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What is HYIP

What is hyip?

What is HYIP?

What is HYIP. Consider a general idea what is HYIP. Abbreviation of the words High Yield Investment Program - high yield investment programs. To date, the vast majority of HYIP presented online is a pyramid. That is, the profit is paid out of the money of new investors. Generally admins programs are positioning themselves as really working companies. But almost always it's just a legend. High Yield program is wholly pyramid medium profit HYIP is 99% low profit HYIP pyramid and the pyramid is 80-90%. In any case, we recommend that you consider any program as a pyramid. How about that? Good or bad? Many cry that the pyramid is bad. Others talk about how they earned a lot of money in a pyramid. Our view is that the only right one can be considered a healthy approach to the situation without any prejudice. We know that all HYIP is a pyramid - that is, only the first will earn the participants, the others lose. Based on this we need to make a decision, but we really need it or not. This high-yield, but also high-risk business. Do we want to risk your money? If we believe that it is too risky, it's a scam, then we're going to look for other areas to earn money. If we decide that we can take the risk, then it is better to start to study the subject. At least read HYIPs forum. Our view is that to date, the word means a simple HYIP Ponzi scheme. HYIP admins are not in any way claim to and do not compete with the real investment programs. They are advertised on other sites - on HYIP forums, hyip monitor. You will not find on forums invest real companies advertising HYIP. That is, the HYIP is a separate, independent, independent industry. To work with the HYIP is payment systems, which are used most often in this kind of business - FOREX, HYIP, MLM and so on. Also, the server configured to the needs of this huip programs. In general, it is a separate industry. This industry is more than a game Corporate Business. But in the gaming industry to be a professional businessman to consistently make a profit. The only difference from the gaming business is, what HYIP programs claim that they are actually working with financial instruments on FOREX, sports arbitration on the exchange of shares, etc. Although in reality nothing so they are not engaged. There are, of course, exceptions among lowprofit, but this is the exception rather than the rule. It is this feature (the positioning of the real business in the absence thereof), and made so much noise around the industry, but at the same time and brought in a separate sphere of profitable business.

HYIP Monitor

More often than not those in reading articles about HYIP can be seen that the author writes that it huipy crooks, it's the usual pyramid. In principle, it is correct. Experienced investors know it, it is like an unwritten rule. Not only investors even evaluate the program according to the legend written on the site. Look how unique text, I wonder whether the legend is written, whether made by a professional translation and so on. Although no one really believes what is written. So investors are looking to the administrator is able to manage and develop the program. This is just one of the points of the analysis. In order that an investor could make a profit on hyip program needs an experienced, competent administrator. The work of the administrator is not affected so few factors. This ability to survive in the tough competition, and the competition is really tough and technical ability to repel attacks by hackers. You also need to know how to distribute the funds and effectively to advertise. To sum up: HYIP - is a pyramid scheme, positioning itself as a real company with real assets. Stable profit may not all. Therefore, for a stable income to be in the subject, know the intricacies of the HYIP industry.

Methods of investing in all HYIPs

Methods of investing in all HYIPs.

HYIP environment.

HYIP analysis is quite simple. Highlight a few points. It is important to remember that no single factor is decisive, but in aggregate can understand the plan administrator HYIP. The most important thing of course your intuition. The analysis of this is just some tips for making a decision. All hyips use the same scheme of gain money.
Look on methods of investing in all HYIPs:

All HYIPs:

1) Domain. The steeper the domain, the better. For example, if three or four domain alpha in the normal zone: com, net, biz, org, info. But a good domain is an expensive rarity. The next payment has a positive factor for the maximum period of 5 years. It's not expensive, about $ 12 per year, but still we can see that the administrator did not spare to spend at least $ 60 per domain. The data on the term of disbursement can be viewed on any service who is. The data that is listed in the registration of the domain will not be present. It is worth paying attention to how the admin picked a name, email, address of the company. As this coincides with the legend. According to this factor also indirectly can understand the relevance and creativity admin HYIP.
2) Server. If the site is located HYIP on hosting or virtual dedicated server is certainly negative. Any web hosting can be broken. But this is conditional minus. Many of the sites are located on the server and do not see this as a problem. But ideally a good HYIPs puts your website only on a dedicated server. The server should be a good DDoS protection. Typically, there are servers that were created under the hyip industry initially. Software on these servers meet the requirements under the hyip-scripts. Just DDoS protection is designed in such a way that it was possible to repel the attacks.
3) The script. To license this highly profitable HYIP script or manual work. For all other programs certainly preferable not to license serial script and only handmade.
4) SSL. Bought, not a trial version. Properly screwed.
5) Design. Take into account relevant industry in general and the legend. Convenient and intuitive menu usability. Filling the different menu items, text and other chips. Properly selected color schemes site. It will be seen that the design work, and not cooked up in two hours.
6) Legend. Beautiful, well-written, unique and high-quality translated. By quality we mean here the text written by a native speaker, and not a Hindu student.
7) Really registered company. With a real address. The possibility of a bank transfer. This shows that the admin HYIP really fooled with the creation of the program and spend time on it and money. It is not necessary for the high-margin chips.
8) Communication listed on the site. Phone, chat, Skype and so on.
9) Different types of social fun. network, check the site for viruses, a forum, and all you can think of for a change.
10) Advertising. Look how many HYIP admin spent on advertising. Watch the development of HYIP. What HYIPprogrammy popularity on the forums. This is the standard set for normal HYIP. Some steps may be skipped or not the taken properly. All the above points are only criterion for decision. But at least if the admin at the highest level has fulfilled all these items and spent on advertising, for example, 3K, in a HYIP can safely invest. But be sure to take into account the steps of HYIP may close.

Immediately look at the stages of development of HYIP and most likely timing closure. Rather we consider the influence of factors are binary. That is when all of the positive attributes of birth is negative, which is stronger. Admin HYIP made on the premises. All done in the best possible way. Site meets all the criteria. 5K spent on advertising. Site becomes popular. Fans invest in the first and second circle immediately set upon and after the first and second go round. That's because the site is made in the best way and actively advertised attracted too many fans of the first round. It also became a negative factor. In the first lap invested two to three times more than the admin spent on the site. The wave of fans of the first round necessarily subside. They come out of the program. Further new additions will not come so quickly. Admin will have to top up the money or the program or close. Experienced administrators know that option. And when an admin sees that in the early days he invested more than it spent, and he did not want to risk it is likely that it will close the program. Admin can not close the program and continue to work. But after the first few laps, many overlook, and new investors yet. A lot of waiting. They want to look at the development of the program. No income - no money. And HYIP admin is forced to close. We describe the standard options for the HYIP. Options can be changed and combined. Especially as hyip industry is a game of chess between the administrator and investors. And administrators have to constantly change tactics. Immediately at the start of the first days of investments are quite active. Fans of the first circles massively attack the new program. But after a few laps so as to actively go. Next comes the most pit. Early investors washed reserves admin and gone. Well if the well is not a long or administrator has a reserve fund for the sittings out. Investment is flowing smoothly enough, but not very active. Once investors are convinced of the sustainability of the program begins a new wave of active income. Further, much depends on the administrator HYIP. If it is adequate and experienced it can survive a few such cycles. In order that would prevent leaching money from the program on the first lap administrators use a variety of tactics. For example, do not take the controls, paying RCB or long hanging in the shadows, without attracting the attention of investors. Webmaster important to constantly change tactics and look for new ways of development. Otherwise it will be predictable and easy to read. Then investors, realizing plan administrator will come out of the program in advance. Therefore, by analyzing You have to remember that the admin is trying to confuse you.

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